About Islamic Call Society

Therefore, Act No. 58, 1341 P.D. (1972 A.D.) was issued to implement such decisions and recommendations through the establishment of a global body of Islamic Call named "World Islamic Call Society", based in Tripoli, Libya.

Since its establishment, the Society has tirelessly spread its Islamic and humanitarian message and expanded its activities to reach and comprise all continents of the world. Over three thousands associates, advocates, teachers, mentors, nurses and doctors-spread throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas- carrying out their religious, cultural and social duties in several schools, institutes, colleges, clinics, vocational centers, as well as orphanages either established fully or partially by the Society or which the Society has cooperated with alongside their original organizers.

The world Islamic Call Society was established in 1972 in compliance with the recommendations and resolutions of the first General Conference for Islamic Call, held upon invitation by Brother Mua'ammar Al-Qaddafi, Leader of the World Islamic People's Leadership, in Tripoli, the Great Jamahiriya in Al-Kanun 1341 P.D. (December 1972), with the participation of scholars and intellectuals from all over the world, as well as presidents of several Islamic bodies, institutions and organizations, who agreed unanimously that there was a need to establish a special non-profit organizations, interested in Islamic Call, dissemination of Islamic culture, teaching of the Arabic language, provision of humanitarian assistance in various fields and cooperation with international and regional organizations with the intent to instill principles of peace and equality; build foundations of cooperation and dialogue among cultures and religions and free humankind from illiteracy and backwardness.